Saturday, January 28, 2006

Just what were they thinking?

Concerning the IMB issue with Wade Burleson: How does one deal with disagreement and dissent on governing boards? We all realize that there will always be disagreement and sometimes it will become heated. When it does, why not let a person in the minority speak his mind until he finishes? The result is that he will either change the board’s position or finally realizes that nobody is going to change his opinion? If the person takes too much time you can always limit the time of discussion or have the board vote to not revisit a topic until all other business is completed.

When the IMB trustees recently voted to remove a fellow trustee you just gotta ask, “What were they thinking?” I suppose the leadership felt justified (but I'm not sure why) in asking the entire board to ignore 161 years of SBC history and ask for the removal of who they considered a bothersome trustee. However what will be the unintended result? It is almost certain that two-thirds of the messengers at the annual meeting will not vote to remove a duly elected trustee. Those IMB trustees who wanted to suppress dissent will find themselves facing a more formidable foe once Wade is reconfirmed in Greensboro as a trustee of the IMB. I imagine that more than a few trustees will rally behind Wade after that happens. Then what will those who wanted to quell a “troublemaker” do when he returns ready to stand again on principle? Oops, that might be sticky!

I do believe that Burleson was right to stand on his principled beliefs. It seems that he has pursued this matter of conscience properly. In my opinion the board should not have voted to remove him. Unfortunately they did. So now what can be done to resolve this? I have several opinions that I will expound on later but for now let’s all pray for a good and godly resolution to this situation, whatever that may be. Pray for the board and Wade to listen to the Holy Spirit and do what He desires.


Blogger Dan Paden said...

I'm having visions of Wade as SBC President.

If I were going to be there, I'd nominate you for something cool, though.

5:13 PM  
Blogger Dr. Tom said...

Thanks, Dan, for your confidence in me but I don't need the kind of headaches that come with that territory.

3:49 PM  

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